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FALL/ WINTER 2021 DREAMSCAPES 25 a humid environment surrounded by lush foliage, can be that tonic on a cold winter afternoon. At the Floral Showhouse, you cannot get enough of the fragrant blossoms and canopies of green at this year-round green- house. With the roar of the thundering Horseshoe Falls right by, a detour to this bloomy bonanza of tropical plants, succu- lents, including more floral frills, makes a fabulous addition to a Niagara winter itinerary. The Christmas season is especially festive. Watch for holiday displays of poin- settias, and rows of cheery florals studded by sparkling lights. Located in Queen Vic- toria Park, flower power thrives and brightens any harsh winter day. Now, imagine a jungle and a waterfall all indoors! At the Bird Kingdom, this aviary oasis in a multi-level rainforest is tucked away from the madding crowds around the brink of Niagara Falls. Located in a historic building, you could spend hours at "the world's largest indoor free-flying aviary." LIGHTS, POWER AND ACTION Illuminated Niagara Falls Whether you take a drive through Queen Victoria Park or stroll along the majestic river, by evening this winter wonderland takes on a whole different ambiance. Colourful lights cascade by a trio of Falls in a nightly light show. Magic Power Think of the roar of the Horseshoe Falls and now immerse in its full power as you wander inside the old Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station, a historic power- house that once contained the world's largest generators of their kind. Inside the stone fortress, the refurbished 1905 Beaux arts revival station is home to the Niagara Parks Power Station, a new interactive venue. You can observe some of the watery wonders from this mammoth behemoth once harnessed here. Blade Action Lace up the skates and make figure eight shapes at Wayne Gretzky Estates. The hat trick winery is sure to instill fun at this rink amid the vineyards. There are l'apr├Ęs skate diversions too around a fire pit plus themed nights on weekends. It could be Friday Date and Skate or Saturday DJ Night. NIAGARA ON THE MENU With ample restaurants in the Niagara Falls area the dining competition can be fierce. Here's a Niagara winter taste sampler: Reach for the Top Nothing beats a night out more than a dining spectacle at an award-winning local eatery. From the flickering votive-lit table settings, diners at AG Inspired Cuisine are sure to be dazzled by the culinary artistry from ace chef Cory Linkson. As one of Canada's top chefs (his resto is rated # 2 this year by TripAdvisor's Travellers Choice

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