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DREAMSCAPES FALL/ WINTER 2022 54 PHOTOS: MARC MILLAR DS: WHAT KIND OF KID WERE YOU GROWING UP IN MONTREAL? LB: I was such a bad kid, had a rebellious childhood and was definitely not going to open up a bagel empire in Scotland. DS: WHAT WAS YOUR BUSINESS APPROACH? LB: I approached Bross Bagels like a performer. When I opened the shop, it was like I was opening a show. I invited the press. Everything I did was showy. It was all about the story—the crazy Canadian lady selling bagels. DS: IS THERE A SUBSTANTIAL JEWISH COMMUNITY IN EDINBURGH? LB: I thought I was the only one. Then people started to come in saying, "I'm Jewish too," and I replied "where have you been hiding?" DS: THE SCOTS HAVE A TREMENDOUS SENSE OF HUMOUR. LB: Definitely! I've been here 17 years and they are always one joke ahead. They are witty, and as a comedian, it has kept me challenged. DS: ANY CELEBRITIES DROP IN? LB: Scotsman, actor and Tony winner Alan Cumming— we're making a bagel together called, The Holesome Cumming. It'll be our first celebrity bagel, and it'll be on every Bross Bagels menu across the city. We've also just teamed up with the Edinburgh Playhouse, one of the oldest in Edinburgh, and all the cast is coming to our new deli restaurant in St. James Quarter, taking pictures, and putting them on the walls like a nice New York-style deli. DS: WHAT'S THE FOOD SCENE LIKE? LB: When I got here, the sandwich game was non- existent: two pieces of bread, lots of butter, a slice of ham with a cheese slice. I asked, "Do you have mustard?" Scots generally are heavy on the cream, the butter, the fat—a lot is deep-fried. DS: WHERE DO YOU HANG OUT? LB: One of my friends has a cool spot called the House of Gods. It's like this iconic exquisite hotel that has a cocktail lounge and nightclub called Casablanca where they have drag shows and some fortune-telling. It feels super classy, but on the dark side. The other is Cowgate, one of the oldest places in Edinburgh. It's kind of on the dark and dingy side but has amazing buildings and shops. T A L K I t's quite a leap shifting from stand-up comedy to evolving into the bagel queen of Scotland. Born in Montreal, Larah "Mama" Bross, an expat Canadian who's been living in Edinburgh since 2006, defines herself as a comedian, mother of two, foodie, short, loud, and lucky. In 2017, Bross made an ambitious passage from entertainer to successful entrepreneur; and is now the proprietor of an enormously popular local bagel eatery chain that has introduced Scots to Montreal bagels. BY BILL KING The Bagel Mama OF EDINBURGH Bill King is a musician, celebrity writer, radio host, photojournalist and author. TALK! Conversations in All Keys (Volume 3): American Music by William M. King is his latest book available on Amazon.ca and 7Arts.Press. DS

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