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DS M ulroney is more star-struck though with the biggest stars in his life—Jessica, his fashion designer/stylist wife; their five-year-old twin boys, John Benedict Dimitri and Brian Gerald Alexander; and two-year-old daughter Isabel Veronica. While Mulroney always appears nattily dressed and stylish as he chats with stars, he can get down and dirty and, yes, sweaty, too, playing with the kids outside his Toronto home, don- ning an apron to prepare his flavourful slow-cooked ribs or climbing Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Since his father, Brian Mulroney, was Canada's prime minister (1984–93), one would assume he travelled the world. Surprisingly, he admits he didn't travel as much as people think. During the school year, his parents preferred not to take their kids out of school, however there were some memorable trips to the old-style Russia and London, England. Now 39, Mulroney isn't just another pretty face. He has a history degree from Duke University and a law degree from Laval University. Practising law though was never a passion, just a Plan B career. Mulroney enjoys his role as anchor but more importantly, he loves being a father and husband. Now, more personal travel beckons Mulroney and his desire for romantic Parisian getaways or chilling out at a spa—no TV make-up required. Any place where he can satisfy his craving for sushi and poutine is a bonus. CELEBRITY TRAVEL CORNER >> BY CHRIS RYALL AS ANCHOR OF CANADA'S NO. 1 ENTERTAINMENT SHOW ETALK ON CTV, BEN MULRONEY'S DAILY ROUTINE IS FILLED WITH CAMERAS, LIGHTS AND ACTION AS HE INTERVIEWS THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY'S ELITE AND MOST POPULAR STARS. WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE CANADIAN CITY OR TOWN? Montréal is my hometown and I love going back. Family members who don't live in Toronto are still in Montréal. It's a big city with a small-town feeling. WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR MOST MEMORABLE TRIPS? Mount Kilimanjaro is one. Many of them have to do with charity work I've done. I went to Malawi twice with UNICEF. I did a photo safari in Kruger National Park. On one of the G7 Summits with my dad, I was invited to a laser light show at Buckingham Palace. It was really cool and I got to meet the Queen. And then there was my honey- moon in Cabo San Lucas at Las Ventanas, which is one of the most beautiful resorts I've ever seen. WHAT DESTINATIONS ARE STILL ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? I very much want to go to China. I haven't taken my wife on a romantic trip to Paris yet—she's been very patient with me! I would love to go on safari again in Kruger National Park, South Africa. I'm really looking forward to when my sons are old enough to go to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. I was a history major and early-American history is wildly romantic, uplifting and most optimistic. I want them to get that from me. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO WHEN TRAVELLING? I love beach vacations but I don't need them to be very long. I used to need 10 days any- where, but I think, with kids, you're able to condense how long you need. You can dis- till it down to its essence and, for me, that adds up to about three days. WHAT'S YOUR TRAVEL PET PEEVE? If you're on your way to a vacation destina- tion, don't dress like you're already there. I don't want to see a man's armpits on a plane! YOUR FAVOURITE CANADIAN HOTEL? The Shangri-La Hotel in Toronto. There's something about the scent when you walk in and their service is fantastic. BEN MULRONEY FALL/ WINTER 2015 DREAMSCAPES 51 DS

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