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DREAMSCAPES SPRING/SUMMER 2017 40 S P E C I A L F E A T U R E R uled by the legendary polar bear, this vast territory concealed above the 55 th parallel is also home to one of the largest caribou herds in the world, and a sanctuary to small groups of archaic muskoxen, straight out of the ice age. From the edge of the boreal forest up to the ends of the northerly tundra, memorable encounters await you in Nunavik. MAJESTIC ANIMALS The breathtaking landscapes of Québec's Far North region certainly create an ideal back- drop to capture photographs of the majestic polar bear in its natural coastal habitat, where nanuq undeniably reigns as king of the Arctic. Although this noble animal tends to blend into its home environment, your Inuit guides, who know the territory inti- mately, will without doubt succeed in finding at least one of them during your summer outing at sea in big motorized canoes. Aerial safaris are another great way to find the sought-after white bears. Back on solid ground, make the most of long polar summer days by taking a walk on the wild side. Led by Inuit expert guides and/or knowledgeable naturalists, you will be able to safely roam the tundra on a hike in search of a group of magnificent muskoxen. One of the rare prehistoric mammal species still living on Earth, these WILD ENCOUNTERS WITH THE ARCTIC ANIMAL KINGDOM NUNAVIK: Québec's Far North BY ISABELLE DUBOIS TOP LEFT: The majestic polar bear (nanuq) is an important symbol of the Arctic. © Heiko Wittenborn ABOVE TOP: The muskoxen are among the oldest species of mammals in existence today. © Heiko Wittenborn ABOVE CENTRE: Hundreds of thousands of caribou roam the wilds of Nunavik. © Heiko Wittenborn ABOVE: The Arctic wolf can be found in the Canadian Arctic. © Heiko Wittenborn LAND OF THE INUIT, QUÉBEC'S FAR NORTH REGION OF NUNAVIK IS ALSO THE REALM OF FANTASTIC WILDLIFE.

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