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DREAMSCAPES FALL/ WINTER 2017 50 I dentity theft is possible when using a mobile device, a threat that seems to grow more menacing by the day. Any- where you are—at home or abroad—be cautious and be cyber aware. Connecting wirelessly is a welcomed gift. Around the world, the offer of Wi-Fi can be found in coffee shops, hotels, air- ports and other public places, usually for free. Be cautious, however. Venturing into this realm of bombarding signals is a bit like a lamb venturing into the wilds of jungle law. Aggressors lie in wait to target, compro- mise and steal your data. You may be safe one minute but not the next, so if you must use the internet when taking a trip be sure to activate the pertinent security settings on your device and then plan ahead with steps to outsmart the trolls and opportunists. VPN SERVICES One method gaining in popularity, for instance, is the VPN. A Virtual Private Net- work employs encryption to give your mobile devices secure access to the internet. Once a VPN service is down- loaded, the encryption sets up a powerful roadblock between your data and any per- petrator. Smooth functioning may require setting adjustments but such specialized coding is designed to shield your cyber activity, hide your physical location, IP address and financial transactions, and protect you from corporate selling, govern- ment surveillance, and internet censorship in autocratic regimes. If you do install a VPN service, be sure to find out first if the country you're visiting allows it. According to a poll conducted by the popular NordVPN.com, too many of us still don't take online security seriously enough. People on-the-go are either unaware of the increased exposure or they're willing to take a calculated risk. Cellphones and laptops are handy travel tools but a measure of stepped-up security is advised if you plan to use your phone or laptop in a Wi-Fi zone; search for maps and directions; make purchases or money transactions; access streaming; or com- municate with locals or friends back home. Beware, as well, when using third- party computers such as those offered in airport lounges and in hotel business cen- tres. It doesn't take much for fraudsters to TRAVEL SLEUTH >> BY JANE STOKES DS ABOVE: Personal cellphones, laptops and iPads have become an important part of our everyday life—even when we're travelling. NordVPN BELOW: It's especially important to be aware of your surroundings in public places such as airports, hotel lobbies and coffee shops. O'Hare International Airport OPPOSITE TOP: Always be sceptical when using publicly accessible equipment at hotels or airports. gnoparus/Shutterstock ARM YOURSELF AGAINST CYBER THIEVES – ANYWHERE

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