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adaM bEach Q&a adaM beacH'S aboriGinal rootS feature proMinently on and off-Screen. celebrity travel corner travel corner b y C h r i s r y a l l kharen hill F irst nations saulteaux actor adam beach has had huge suc- cess both in canada and internationally, appearing in more than 60 different television series and movies including fea- ture fi lms such as Windtalkers with nicolas cage, cowboys and aliens with harrison Ford and popular television series law & Order: SvU, combat Hospital, Walker, Texas ranger and more recently, in cbc-TV's arctic air. beach has played many native-themed characters and has garnered numerous acting nominations and awards throughout his career. however he is especially proud of his national aboriginal achievement award in 2012—one of the highest honours a First nations person can receive. beach grew up on the dog creek First nation Reserve on lake Manitoba before moving to Winnipeg in his teens to act at the local theatre company. an avid supporter of aboriginal youth, beach developed the adam beach Film Institute and owns Internet channels that feature aboriginal culture, music and fi lm. Although he resides in Los Angeles, canada will always be his home. as he says, "In canada you have access to the world." WhaT's youR FaVouRITE PlacE In canada? northern Manitoba. We have one of the most beautiful beachfront properties in canada that nobody gets to see. It's the best backyard. I'm also a northwest Territories ambassador now and Yellowknife has this magnifi cent landscape, which recharges you and reconnects you with nature. do you haVE a FaVouRITE sPoT ouTsIdE oF canada? I love Taos, new Mexico. There is something very spiritual about that place. When I go farther into the bush or desert there and walk around the mud huts at Taos Pueblo, I feel I'm going back in time and visiting my ancestors. It's so surreal. WhaT's on youR dREaM dEsTInaTIon lIsT? I want to go to jamaica and other parts of the caribbean. I also want to go to Thailand, saigon and Flanders Fields (belgium). WhaT's youR "MusT haVE" TRaVEl ITEM? I must have my ear buds for the airplane. I prefer to travel with just one small carry-on or small backpack. WhaT don'T you lIKE abouT TRaVEllInG? not being able to sleep on a plane. I would love to doze off immediately and wake up at my des- tination. WhaT's bEEn youR MosT MEMoRablE TRIP? Meeting Prince Rainier III in Monaco and hang- ing out with movie stars and dancing all night. Funny (and scaRy) TRaVEl MEMoRy? I'm not really a water guy. I went snorkelling once and the fi sh were beautiful. Then I saw a shark. all I could hear in my head was the theme song from Jaws! FaVouRITE hoTEl? My favourite hotel right now is atlantis in the bahamas, which is absolutely fabulous and breathtaking. FaVouRITE REsTauRanT? nook in Vancouver. It's awesome—the owners, servers, the food. you feel like you are walking into a family's home. Fa l l 2 0 1 4 17

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