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T he combination of outdoor adventure and big-city sophisti- cation was a heady adventure for the senses. It's also what makes the dual island country of Trinidad and Tobago a truly unique caribbean destination. TobaGo craving untamed nature, the way the caribbean was before mega-resort devel- opments hit, I began my explorations on the island of Tobago. just a quick 20-minute flight from Trinidad, it's small in size but rich in natural resources with pristine beaches, old-growth tropical rainforest and coral reefs custom- made for snorkelling. First up was a swim in the warm waters of Pigeon Point heritage Park, the island's best-known beach. Its white-sand beaches were free of crowds; my only swimming companions a mother and her young child. a beach bar offered toes- in-the-sand relaxation as well as a hearty lunch buffet featuring Trinidadian dishes, such as stewed pigeon peas, macaroni pie and pelau, a savory one-pot rice dish made with caramelized chicken. TRInIdad and TobaGo aWay FRoM ThE cRoWds e d i t o r i a l a n d p h o t o g r a p h y b y m i C h e l e p e t e r s o n aS i lifted a Spoonful of creaMy daSHeen Soup topped witH crabMeat to My MoutH, and Gazed at tHe Glitterati arriv- inG for tHe trinidad + tobaGo filM feStival, it waS Hard to iMaGine tHat earlier tHat day i'd been HikinG a waterfall trail in an old-GrowtH rainforeSt. 40 Fa l l 2 0 1 4

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